About Us


The journey of Appa Ramaswamy Silk as a small business was started by Mr K S Ramasamy Kadayampatti Mudhaliar. The shop was a brainchild of Mr K S Ramasamy since 1967 when he was only 9 years old. Due to family situations and poverty he dropped school and started work alongside his father who was a weaver himself.

Early Stages

Initially Mudhaliar produced silk sarees for government societies on a tender basis, Later this profit was converted into an investment, for buying good quality silk which he sold to the local retailers. This laid the path to develop his trading knowledge.

Back in the 1980s, Mudaliar was working as a weaver, but soon realised he would have to do something a tad more ambitious. Hence, he started to produce silk sarees from his own capital and also expanded his business with the help of the handloom cooperatives and with the government approvals. Being introduced to various business techniques, he produced a range of quality silk products like silk sarees, dhotis, Silk shawls etc., at a fair price.

The Leap

After a gradual development Mudaliar pushed for a leap, he became a member in the cooperative and Handloom societies.Coimbatore cotton sarees was then a big hit among the native. He went for an expansion after almost a decade investing on silk threads for more than hundred Handlooms and employed more labours.

“Simplicity and Design quality, all affordable” became the trademark for Appa Ramaswamy Silk.

The Passing On

By 2004, his sons were involved, while which the business saw new machines coming in preparing itself for unbridled growth. By 2016, Appa Ramaswamy Silk started their International export.

The lineage of tradition, Simplicity and quality of Appa Ramaswamy Silk continues even after the generation passes on through his sons Mr. Gnanavel a Director and Mr. Rajavel as Chief Operative Executive.

And In Appa Ramaswamy Silk we believe, “Quality is a Pride of every workmanship, and we make it Affordable.”